Here’s what our NOS Family had to say about their experience with our memberships.


As a member of Nation of Soles and previous winner, I’ll say it’s an experience to see the growth day in and day out. From shoes, to giveaways to partnering with other sneaker communities. I am privileged to be part of such a community, from the bottom of my heart to the soles of my feet, I thank you all.


Nation of Soles has truly worked to use their platform fostering positivity in the sneaker community. By sharing acts of kindness, sneaker news, and providing incentives with weekly giveaways – NOS has proven that we can all come together for “One Sole Purpose”. I’m proud to be a member of Nation of Soles, and i can attest to the authenticity of their brand. I’ve actually won in their weekly giveaways, and they have been nothing short of amazing!


Nation of Soles is dope for so many reasons, but two things stand out the most…..
  1. I love that they are involved with the youth and do so many giveaways for kids. Especially rewarding kids who are doing well in school.
  1. I love how transparent NOS is. Other shoe pages and influencers run these so called raffles and giveaways and ask you to do all these things to enter but you never know who the winner is, if there even is one. But NOS, you get to see the weekly giveaway live, and can even interact with the host right when it’s happening. They always announce the winner, even post picture of the winner enjoying their shoes and thank them for participating. Overall the NOS team just gives off positive vibes and are always looking at ways to not only give back to the communities as a whole. ❤️ I’m proud to be a member!


I found out about Nation of Soles earlier this year and when i saw them on The Monday Midsole i signed up. I didn’t sign up for the giveaways just for the simple fact that i been that kid that they are providing kicks for. Keep up the outstanding work you guys are doing with Nation of Soles


Being apart of NOS has been a wonderful experience. Getting involved in sneaker conventions, keeping track of sneaker releases has just been really exciting. Also being a weekly sneaker giveaway winner was a shock to me! I’ve never actually won a raffle and the fact that it was made the feeling so much greater! I’m happy with the sneakers and happy for the people that also experience that feeling of a winning pair of sneakers!


Join the sneaker loving community with ease. Leave the complexity to us. To be entered into the weekly raffles all you’ll need to do is become a subscriber with Nation of Soles. Choose your package based on your own comfort.