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Who’s mans is this?! I’m sure you’ve seen Sneakerhead Clothing Line whether it be on IG, YouTube or some of your favorite IG accounts flaunting his laces.  Jason Mathews the face behind the brand.  I’ve had the pleasure of following Jason for about a year or so I would say and finally got the chance to meet him in person at sneaker con Chicago, probably the worst sneakercon I’ve ever been to but I’ll save that for another time.  Anyways, we were staying in the same hotel and lucky for me on the same floor. I walked my happy ass down the hall to finally meet the person I’ve purchased laces and a sneaker bag from. I guess you could say I was kind of fan geeking out a little bit.  He opens the door and there is this 9 foot tall giant standing there, not what I was expecting. Okay, okay maybe not 9 feet but pretty close to 7 give or take a few inches.  Mind you I’m barely 4’10(yes, you read that right).  He greeted me with a big hug and we instantly clicked. It was like I’ve known him forever.  Previous to meeting him we always chatted through text and talked about his ideas for upcoming products so I was never worried about it being awkward.  We ended up talking for about an hour and before I left he handed me two Sneakerhead Clothing Line shirts, which I thought was pretty dope of him! A nice, humbled, not let fame get to your head type of dude is hard to find when everyone wants to be famous on IG.


So let’s talk about his products.

I have his elephant print laces which I put in a pair of true blue 3’s, UNC leather laces that I have yet to use(I’m saving it for special day) but go figure UNC right? #IBleedCarolinaBlue.  I also have the sneaker bag which I brought with me to Chicago(and basically every con I go to.)


Let’s start with the elephant print laces. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  The material is A1, the quality is perfect and the ink has ZERO fading.  Finding designed laces I’ve come across where a lot of them fray out or the design looks washed out.  NOT THESE!  Overall I was impressed.


The UNC blue laces….GAAAAAAAAAAAWD! Let me have a moment! I am OBSESSED!!!  I’ve bought in the past previous wax laces where in some cases they’ve  felt like rubber and in another case they felt so thin I thought I was going to snap them if I pulled them.  Once again Sneakerhead Clothing Line you’ve outdone yourself.  These are top of the line quality!! Not to mention the color is a perfect match to Carolina blue.


The sneaker bag.  Probably my favorite sneaker accessory purchase I’ve made to date. When I tell you this GIGANTIC bag is the only thing you need when you are packing, trust me, it is!  I put about 13 boxes of sneakers in that bag for Chicago and STILL had room!  Last minute I cut my pairs down to 6 but I used all that extra space in the bag to pack EVERYTHING else I needed.  A chick, with one bag, to go on vacation? Where they do that at?!  I would highly recommend this bag to EVERYONE! It most definitely comes in clutch!


Without further ado let’s meet Jason Mathews, the man, the myth, the legend of Sneakerhead Clothing Line!!!

Name: Jason Mathews
Age: 39
Location: Milwaukee, WI & San Antonio,  TX
IG: @sneakerheads_clothing_line

Q: What is Sneakerhead’s clothing line?
A: We specialize in Exclusive Custom Laces, Socks, Tees and Sneaker Accessories to go with your kicks.

Q: Why laces as your focal product?
A: I have always felt like laces to a sneakers is like a good woman to a man…your sneaker can be dope but your laces can make you stand out from the rest and that’s what we all want as sneakerheads or hypebeast is to stand out from the rest and be different!!! Having different laces show the more creative side to yourself and what’s on your feet as well!!!

Q: How many diff types of laces(material wise) do you have available on your website?
A: Oh we have it all WE THE BEST literally lol!!! We have our Custom flat laces, Oval, Rope, Cotton, Silk, Italian Leather and also next coming up as an EXCLUSIVE you heard it here first is Snakeskin as a new material in laces so stay tuned for that to drop Jan 2018!!!

Q:What was the first laces created?
A: The 1st pair we created is our Exclusive “Elephant Print (Grey)” LE Custom Laces.

Q: What’s your best seller?
A: Still til this day our 1st release which is the Exclusive “Elephant Print (Grey)” LE Custom Laces is our top seller.

Q: What do you sell besides laces?
A: We also sell Custom Socks, Sneaker Duffle Bags, Tees, Sneaker Accessories to go with your kicks.

Q: What was the concept behind the sneaker bag?
A: I got tired of going to sneaker events with nothing to carry my kicks in besides a book bag or something so I went into a partnership with another company that was doing duffle bags etc and we started coming out with different Sneaker Duffle Bags as an easier way to transport your sneaker collection to different sneaker event (sneakercon, etc) or even just to travel on vacation etc.

Q: How much average do laces sell for?
A: $9 avg. ($5 lowest $25 highest)

Q: Do you design Sneakers based of released coming out or based of releases that have already been out?
A: Actually both plus we really do listen to the consumer on what they feel we should come out with as new releases since we do actually drop a new release every month unlike other brands which makes us different and on top of our game!

Q:What’s your favorite pair of laces you’ve made?
A: I would have to say the foundation of them all that started it off which is our “Elephant Print (Grey)” LE Custom Laces!!!

Q: I know you travel to sneakercons to promote your brand how has that affected business in a positive and/or negative way?
A: Yes…I love going to different sneaker events and meeting the people and also networking at different sneaker events especially sneakercon but I don’t personally limit myself to just sneakercon. I am a true OG Sneakerhead so I like to also go to the mid-level sneaker events throughout the nation and even the local startup events at times as well.

Q:What is your ultimate goal for Sneakerhead’s clothing line?
A:  Having the brand on a mainstream big level like in Footlocker, Footaction, Finishline etc and the ultimate goal is to partner with likes of Nike/Jordan Brand etc. I know we could take them to another level!!!

Q: Anything special coming out we should be looking forward to?
A: We have something in the works with FINISHLINE and The MIGOS (hip-hop group) together as an exclusive we are currently working on now so me and the team really excited about that! 2018 is going to be even BIGGER for us so don’t sleep!!!

Q: What’s your thoughts on the sneaker culture today compared to 7-10 years ago?
A: I feel the culture in this present day and age has went mainstream and crossed over into big business compared to 10 years ago it was still at the end of just being a hobby and buying collecting sneakers just to be fresh. I grew up collecting sneakers to be cool and fit in because I’ve always been taller than everyone coming up basically so im always looked at consistently. The first things that girls look at are your feet so I learned early my sneakers had to be dope which turned into collecting sneakers as a hobby.

Q: What would you like to see differently in the community?
A: More Building & Elevating each other in the community…its been too much old generation vs new generation lately…too much HATE going on and ego which isn’t moving the culture forward.

Q: Anything advice or tips you can give to someone who is contemplating starting their own business?
A: I know it sounds cliché but put God 1st and follow your dreams never let ANYBODY tell you “you can’t or you wont” do anything because those are the same people that will be in your face 1st thing once you become successful and start making moves.

Q: Anything you want to add to your buyers and future buyers?
A:Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to the #SNEAKERHEADSCLOTHINGLINE YouTube Channel at and also Follow us on Facebook/Snapchat: SNEAKERHEADSCLOTHINGLINE


I would like to give a special thank you to Jason for allowing me to do this interview but most importantly for always showing us love at Nation Of Soles. It doesn’t go unnoticed brother!  Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

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