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Kicks and Accessories with Kicksmini

It’s not all about the sneakers, it’s all about the accessories too!


Kicksmini is a brand that takes it to the next level when it comes to providing the sneaker community with their sneaker accessories. They have started off with mini sneaker keychains, to textured iPhone cases, to sneaker Lego bricks, sneaker LED lamps, sneaker playing cards and other accessories. This company just keeps growing and keeps giving us amazing quality products that you’ll want to check them out.

Adam Yu, a Chinese born immigrant, moved to the US 8 years ago with suitcases full of sneakers. His parents didn’t understand why but Adam has always loved sneakers and has been collecting since he was young, dreaming that one day he’ll be able to make an impact on the community which he loves.

Fast forward years later, Adam founded Kicksmini together with his friend Angel Picasso. After attending Sneakercon, he was inspired by the community and was able to see an opportunity to make something. Adam pitched in an idea of making sneaker related accessories with his friend Angel. At the same time then, Adam and his friend were already trying to make some mini sneakers for their NBA figurine collection. They built from that idea and was able to come up with mini sneaker keychains. There’s an abundance of sneaker keychains in the market right now but they’re always flat, one or two dimensional. I wanted to make something different – 3D.

With Adam’s work as a computer engineer, he was able to network and find the people and the materials to start this project of his. They started with designs and prototypes through 3D printing. But the process to actually make one Kicksmini keychain took so long. They had to hire an artist to make the design exactly how they wanted it to look, experiment and try different materials and do detail work and see if it would actually match the real life version of these sneakers. “When it comes out of 3D printing, the product is in one color – white. So we have to hand paint each one and make sure it comes off as close to the real thing as possible. We also put in real laces for that extra touch of realness.” Not only that, Kicksmini keychain is in a leather rope braid which gives you that high quality feel. Add the almost identical shoe box and bag that each keychain comes in that is the perfect sneakerhead gift you can get for yourself or someone else. And because this idea was born out of making mini sneakers for NBA figurines, you can actually put them on your favorite NBA star’s feet! Just, you know… the mini version.

Kicksmini keychains are in your favorite and popular Jordan and Yeezy models. Aside from these, Kicksmini also was able to expand their product line hoping that they would be the go to online store for sneaker related gift items. Among their newer products are the Sneaker LED lamp, which is a 2D lamp that is illuminated giving it a 3D effect. It sells out quite fast too so if you see it online, make your purchase! Actually, their newer design of the Jordan 1 Chicago Off White and the Nike Presto Off White are still available.

Another popular item that sells out quite quick is the textured iPhone cases. They are also made through 3D printing. Among my personal favorite is the Supreme x Louis Vuitton design in red and white. Unfortunately, I don’t own an iPhone so I practically had to beg Adam to think about making some for Galaxy phones. I would totally rock this case. “People are on their phones all day, every day and phone cases are not only for your phone’s protection but also for style,” Adam said. “I know people who change their phone cases depending on the occasion or the clothes they wear and especially for people that are into sneakers, they like matching.”

The sneaker Lego brick set is also a popular item but it’s production is very limited. According to Adam, getting just one of these out in the market takes awhile because they want to make sure that each item is packaged accordingly. Some of these pieces are actually from Lego but a lot of other pieces are made through 3D printing as well. “We are working on getting more of this in store for 2018 as well but it would take a little bit of time.”

Adam and Angel are the kind of people who thinks out of the box. They are unique in their own way and they try to come up with products that are still not available in the market. “We have a lot of ideas. So many things we want to do but right now, aside from me and my partner, we only have two other people and we have so many orders to fulfill.” Adam said he wants Kicksmini to continue to grow and to keep giving their customers high quality products.

For 2018, Kicksmini wants to be able to keep their store well stocked. “We want that issue resolved first before putting out more products. We are also working on a lot of other new stuff so you just have to wait and see when they drop.”

A sneakpeek on something they are working on

Adam envisions Kicksmini in the future to be the ultimate marketplace for everything sneaker related including laces, sneaker crease protectors, etc. “We would love to collaborate with other brands and bring them to our store some day, but for now, we want to focus on putting out our own products and make a name for ourselves.”

“I think our brand and products gives the sneaker community and the grammers an opportunity to explore their creativity as well. We have seen a lot of really amazing photos with our products and I think just by this, we are doing really well.”

Browse Kicksmini’s online shop here and on their instagram, @kicksminiofficial for updates on their releases.


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