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Female Sneakerheads Pt. 1

Wow, after almost three months of preparing for this I can honestly say I’m not ready! It feels like the first day of school and I’m nervous AF, but excited nervous. Since I’m like 95% sure that nobody knows who I am, probably thinking who is this n00b posting on here. Hi guys! My Name is Nena, pronounced nEH-nuh not nee-nuh. I’m twenty something year old from The Bay Area, California. I’ve been blogging on my own website for a little over a year so this is nothing new to me. If you’d like to get to know me better you can follow me @hellalaced on Instagram. Now let’s get onto the reason why you’re really here, shall we?

I’ve had this topic in mind for awhile so when I was given the opportunity to post on here I knew this would be the perfect first post. Ever since I can remember I have loved shoes. From the smell of a brand new shoe, to the story behind the making of a certain Jordan I loved it all. It wasn’t until I got into high school that I realized there were very few girls like me that loved more than just the look of a shoe and the older I got the more I realized that the sneaker community was largely male based (which is not bad because I mean a handsome guy with nice shoes? SWOON! just kidding..kinda) but I always thought how awesome would it be if more females immersed themselves in this culture? There are so many more female sneakerheads and let me just say I AM LIVING for it. I reached out to a bunch of female sneakerheads on Instagram asking if they’d be willing to answer some questions for my post and lucky me, a lot of them actually responded! Let me tell you, I was so nervous that none of them would be willing to, so shout out to them, because without them this post would not be possible. For lengthy purposes I split the interviews up, below are three amazing women’s responses to these questions as well as my own, also I put the questions before my answers but took them out for the rest because who wants to read the same questions over and over? The other interviews will be on my personal blog. Anyway, if you’re a sneaker queen answer some of the questions in the comments, I’d love to see your responses! Oh, and as if it wasn’t obvious, if you don’t follow these beauties, you should.



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  1. I know this totally goes back to the AOL chat room days, but can you tell us your Name, Age and where you’re from? As previously stated my name is Nena, I’m 29 years old from the Bay Area California.
  2. What was the first pair of sneakers that made you fall in love with sneakers? I had a really good friend that got the original 1998 release of the “Chutney” 13’s and I was in love immediately.
  3. When did you realize you were a sneaker head?  When it was more about the history and story behind the shoe that mattered to me more so than the shoe itself; when I had more shoes than I knew what to do with.
  4. Describe your sneaker collection for us: Excessive lol jk I would say my collection is eclectic. I have pretty much a little bit of everything in my collection.
  5. Are you a Nike, Adidas, Jordan, etc girl? Or do you just buy whatever catches your eye? I get whatever catches my eye. I have Vans, adidas, Nike. Although a majority of my collection is Jordan, I don’t hate on any shoe brand.
  6. How many pairs of sneakers do you own? 200+ I had an exact number a few months ago but I added more lol.
  7. Would you consider yourself a collector or a wearer? There are certain pairs of shoes I have that I refuse to un-deadstock (Flu Games, French Blues, Bred 1s, etc) but for the most part I can’t wait to wear my shoes lol
  8. What do you love about sneakers? I love shoes that have a good story behind them, I like to know the process from concept to reality. I love that you can wear shoes casually or dress them up. My shoes are the focal point of all my outfits. & I’ve always been known as the girl with the nice shoes lol
  9. What is your ONE holy grail? Do you own it? If not, how much do you think you’d spend on it? I can’t believe I did this to myself, ONE holy grail? I have like 5. The ones that come to mind are the Deceptive Red Kyrie’s. I got lucky and found a deadstock pair on eBay for like 40 bucks. I’d get another pair if I could get my hands on them again.
  10. Describe what it’s like to be a female in a “male dominated” industry: When I first started my IG a few years ago there weren’t that many female sneakerheads that I knew about and now there’s so many, IG and blogging has given me to opportunity to meet so many amazing people. At first I saw a “resistance” to female sneakerheads, there were times when I would go to conventions and guys would look at me like who does she think she is or even working at a shoe store the guys coming in to buy retros on release days thought I didn’t know anything about shoes but couldn’t tell me what a toe box or aglet was lol I did feel like I had something to prove but as time went on most of the men I was meeting through my job and social media accepted me as a female who just loves sneakers.
  11. What is the dopest sneaker you own? In my opinion, the gold toe 1’s. But also the Plum Fog 12’s are pretty dope (and underrated)
  12. Do you buy for hype or what you like? Most likely both. I don’t always buy the shoes everyone is hype about, and most of the time I create my own hype in my head like YEAH I NEED THOSE. Knowing I don’t lol
  13. What made you start posting sneaker pictures on Instagram? When Instagram first started it was all about posting personal pictures (Family, Friends, Selfies etc) but when that hype died down and everyone was moving to Snapchat I decided to create @hellalaced which was first (@airmaxed) and I think I just got the idea because my phone was full of pictures of my shoes I was wear everyday.
  14. Popular opinion seems to be that female sneaker heads on Instagram just want to be insta-famous, would you agree/disagree? I don’t know anyone who specifically posts their shoes for insta-fame but I’m sure there’s someone out there who has and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  15. What is the most over hyped shoe release of 2018? I’m going to sound a little salty but any of the off white releases because I haven’t been able to get my hands on the ones I actually want but also Yeezy’s hype is a little much for me. I was surprised I was able to cop the triple whites but apparently that was the easiest yeezy cop of the year.



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  1. My name is Lizbeth and I am 25 years old. I was born and raised in California! haha And taking it back to AOL, geese I hated dial up. Lol
  2. The first pair of shoes I fell in love with had to be some infrared retro 7s. I can’t recall what year exactly I must have been around 10 years old but at the time my dad would not buy them for me given how much sneaker releases were and the fact that I didn’t take care of my shoes. Most kids don’t. haha What made me fall in love with sneakers is the culture behind them. Every detail it takes and to see some pretty artistic shoes is just amazing to me.
  3. I have always loved sneakers. I wouldn’t say I was as much as a sneaker head in my high school days as much as I am now. My dad always kept us fresh but coming from a family of 5 children definitely did not give them the ability for them to buy us everything we wanted of course. I realized I was a sneaker head when my collection kept getting bigger. And lets not talk about the nights we lose sleep just to try to cop a pair only to take an L. lol
  4. My sneaker collection definitely ranges. I hear a lot of people limit themselves to one brand which is cool don’t get me wrong! But I love the diversity in each brand.
  5. I am an anything catches my eye girl. lol I will whatever what I like. I have even owned a pair of sketchers and we know how sketchers get viewed in the sneaker community!
  6. I have to say I currently own about 80 pairs of shoes. Have slowly started getting rid of some because they just been sitting in the box collecting dust.
  7. I honestly consider myself a collector and a wearer. I can’t say I am just one. I definitely keeps my shoes cleaned and maintain but I am most certainly going to wear what I own.
  8. What I love about sneakers is not only the beauty of them physically but the beauty sneakers have created. I mean we are part of a sneaker head community getting the opportunity to meet people around the world through social media and learning how much in common we have. Being a part of sneaker community has shown me we still have good people in the world especially with the Trump Era we are in. We all accept each others diversity and just support each other in what we love.
  9. My one HOLY GRAIL! Aw man, it would have to be “Tom Sachs Space Camp Mars Yard,” I mean the beauty of that shoe is just insane to me. Do I own it? No, and would I speak it? No, I can’t see myself spending around 5k on a shoe. That is just insane to me. hahaha Maybe if I win the lottery one day. lol
  10. Being a female in a male dominated industry is definitely cool to me. I have the chance to be able to show my style, a females style of how a sneaker can be styled. You know we grow up getting told how perfect we have to look all the time. How clean we have to look. Some girls only wear high heels because of the image society input. But who says you can’t look just as good with a dress and a pair of sneakers. So i enjoy it. Have made some pretty dope male friends as well.
  11. The dopest pair of sneaker I own would have to be the “Off-white Vapormax 2018,” we all know how hard any pair of off-white is to obtain and to see a female with a hype sneaker seems to always be a plus. hahaha
  12. I buy what I like. If I see a fresh as pair of asics and I really want them I am going to buy them. I don’t think people should always only buy hype shoes. I think we should buy what we want.
  13. Honestly, I started posting sneaker pictures on instagram for fun. I have them so I was like why not! I’m not IG famous or anything but I have met a lot of dope people also in the sneaker community because of instagram. There is so many of us its insane! lol
  14. I can’t agree or disagree for everyone. Everyone has their own agenda for social media, but as far as for me it is definitely not true. Instagram has given me a door into the sneaker community and like I said it was also given me friendships. Plus, it has given me extra strength to dress up once in awhile to take some cool pics. haha
  15. The most hyped shoe of 2018 to me would have to be the Wotherspoon. People went insane for that shoe it seemed. But it is a really beautiful design! And who doesn’t love corduroy.



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  1. Ms. Fitz, 32 and I’m originally from Brooklyn, N.Y. but I live in the Chicagoland area.
  2. The first pair that I fell in love with has to be the Air Uptempo (Pippens) I was always into Graphic Design and Graffiti and that shoe uses the “AIR” logo in such an iconic way.
  3. I realized I was a sneaker head when I had more shoes than clothes. ( I also have a lot of gear)
  4. My sneaker collection is diverse. I select my kicks based on history, hype, style and sometimes I’m drawn to a shoe simply by color.
  5. I can never choose! I love Nike and of course Jordan. I grew up in the Jordan era. Jordan 1s are my favorite silhouette. But I must say Adidas is so classic and essential in Hip Hop that they also have my heart.
  6. I don’t keep a count but I would guess somewhere over 100. I think hit triple digits earlier this year.
  7. I am definitely a wearer. I am drawn to shoes because they are a versatile piece of my wardrobe. I can use my sneakers to elevate an outfit. I always rock my kicks.
  8. Sneakers can be a quiet source of individual expression. They can also make you stand out depending on the crowd. I look back at certain kicks and they remind me of where I wore them or of how hard they were to acquire. Sneakers tell a story.
  9. My holy grail changes from time  to time but right now- I really want those Off-White Chicago 1s. I don’t know how much I would spend on them but definitely not what they are reselling for right now lol That’s what makes them a grail though, right?
  10. I enjoy being a female sneaker head especially when I acquire a shoe that my male counterparts don’t have. I love interacting with other female sneaker heads who have a vast knowledge of the history behind the shoe. Everyone who I interact with have been respectful and they always show love.
  11. My dopest sneaker right now would have to be Yeezy 700 wave-runners. They might be disliked for various reasons but I feel like the 700s are so different and represent right now perfectly. In a couple years, I’ll see them and remember “I had those”.
  12. I buy what I like but I can’t deny that hype has changed my mind about a shoe. Everyone wants to have something exclusive.
  13. I started posting sneaker pictures before I knew that was a thing. One day I posted a picture and one of my followers told me I should post more. So I did. I never imagined there were so many IG sneaker heads like me. It is pretty cool to have a community of people who like what you like and appreciate your addiction lol
  14. Some female sneaker heads might be using sneakers to gain followers. That’s pretty standard on social media. I try not to focus on likes or followers because then you’ll find yourself buying into things unnecessarily just for clout. I might be passed that stage in life where I need to be popular. I do appreciate social media as an opportunity to connect and share with positive people.
  15. Probably the Cactus Jack 4s. I do like them but that’s a shoe that had so much buzz and really is just a nice color way on a Jordan 4.  I’ve seen people rank that shoe higher than some others that I found to be a little more unique and creative.



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  1. My name is Charlie Isabelle Hemens, I’m 23 years old and I live in New Zealand (near Australia for those of you who have never heard of it)
  2. My first ever pair of Jordans were the Air Jordan 5 ‘Grape’. I remember seeing them in my local Footlocker store, and remembered Will Smith rocking them on Fresh Prince so just had to cop.. I was still in school at the time so I had to save my pocket money for like 2 months before I had enough to buy them!
  3. It’s actually only been since the end of last year that I really got into sneakers. I’ve always been a tomboy, and have always preferred to rock sneakers over anything else, but November 2017, my partner Thom and I were in Footlocker and I saw the Air Jordan 11 ‘Win Like 82’ and fell in love. I didn’t have enough money at the time so Thom said he would buy them for me for Christmas. I waited 2 whole months until Christmas morning to UNDS them and honestly, I had never been so excited for Christmas day to come!
  4. Hmmm, Jordan, Jordan, Nike and Jordan. I have some AJ1’s, AJ4’s, AJ6’s, AJ7’, AJ10’s, AJ11’s, AJ13’s and a pair of Air Force 1’s Low.
  5. No doubt a Jordan girl. 95% of my sneaker collection is Jordan. I don’t really mess with Adidas at all, and I have a few Nike’s but Jordan is definitely my favourite brand, hands down.
  6. 12 pairs of Jordans, 1 pair of Air Force 1’s, and then about 6 other pairs of shoes that I wear for work, walking, running, shit like that. So since December 2017 my sneaker collection has grown by 13 pairs… damn.
  7. Definitely a wearer, I don’t see the point in spending money on sneakers that you aint guna wear. It’s dumb!! Don’t know about ya’ll but my sneakers are waaay too dope not to wear.
  8. Everything! I love how comfortable they are, how much variety there is in the sneaker game and how you can literally wear them with anything and always look fire.
  9. My holy grail would probably be the Air Jordan 7 ‘Hare’ and yes, I copped it on StockX for the craziest price. No doubt my best steal to date!
  10. I mean, it’s intimidating, and people don’t take you seriously when it comes to sneakers, especially guys. One time, Thom and I were in Footlocker, both wearing our Flynit 1’s, and one of the guys that worked there walked up to Thom and complimented his kicks then started talking to him about the Shadow release coming up, completely ignoring me, and Thom isn’t really a sneakerhead, so he had no idea what the guy was talking about and I was standing there like ‘uhhh I know sneakers too bruh!!’ So yeah, it can be a bit downgrading but I try not to let it bother me because IMO most female sneakerheads I see rock sneakers better than the guys anyways!
  11. I have a few favourites. The Air Jordan 1’s are no doubt one of my staples and I am loving the AJ1 Flynits at the moment too. The Air Jordan 4 ‘Cement’ is also one of my favourites, they just always look so dope whatever you pair them with and of course as I mentioned earlier, the Air Jordan 7 ‘Hare’ is also one of my staples.
  12. Nah man. Fuck the hype, I buy what I like! Haha but for real, who has the money to buy shoes that they don’t even like?! Not me. I only buy sneakers that I really love, and that I will wear, otherwise I don’t see the point, but that’s just me.
  13. I just saw that there were a few sneakerhead girls doing the same thing, and I guess I kinda liked the idea of showcasing my style and what I wear because yeah it’s different to what most girls wear, and especially because New Zealand isn’t as up to date with sneakers as places like the USA etc. (we only have 1 Footlocker in Christchurch) so I wanted to show that even girls from tiny ass countries can have dope style and sneakers!
  14. I think there are definitely some girls that are doing it to become insta-famous or whatever, but a lot of the girls I follow just seem to be doing it to showcase that it isn’t only guys that can rock sneakers, girls can do it too and we are bringing the heat!!
  15. I know I’m probably guna get some hate for this, but honestly, the whole Off-White x Nike collab was pretty overrated in my opinion, and I think most people just got too caught up in the hype of the collab. I wasn’t really a fan of any of the sneakers, and even if I was, they were so damn overpriced that I wouldn’t have been able to afford them anyways! That’s just me though.

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