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February Sneakerhead Of The Month

Name: Marie Garvin

City: Columbia, S.C. 

1. How long have you had a passion for collecting?

I’m an 80’s baby so, I feel like I was born with a passion for sneakers but, I have only been seriously “collecting” for 3 years.

2. What’s your favorite pick up, and why? 

My favorite pick up???? That’s difficult, makes me feel like I’m choosing my favorite child… The shoes that I would categorize as favorites would be a shoe that has a special meaning or memory attached to them. So, at the moment I would say that my favorite pick up is my Jordan 11 Heiress (Red Velvet). I missed out on this pair when they released in 2016 and have really wanted them since. I am not a big fan of paying resale prices (who is?) so I’ve always just admired them from afar. Well, my husband knows how much I love this pair and has been watching the resale price for years and got them for me for Christmas last year. Happy wife!

3. When you think of comfort, which pair in your collection does that? 

The silhouette that I find most comfortable would have to be my Vapormax Plus. I wasn’t the biggest fan of these until I got my first pair. Now I love them.

4. Who is the one person in the sneaker community that you admire and why?

I admire ALL female sneakerheads out there doing their thing. In a male dominated community it can be difficult for us ladies to get the respect that we deserve. I am a huge supporter of female sneakerheads. In reality ladies don’t big each other up enough. We are made to feel like we are always in competition with one another. On Instagram the female sneakerheads are all so supportive and that has always been so refreshing and inspiring to me. So ladies next time you’re out in the world and you see another woman and you like her shoes, her hair, her earrings, her outfit, whatever…. Complement her!

5. If you was given the opportunity to get any shoe, which would it be?

Easy… Jordan 1 Chicago

6. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get a pair of shoes? 

Batted my eyelashes at my husband… LOL! I’m so boring. I haven’t done anything crazy for shoes.

7. Noticed you wear a lot of huaraches, what happens to be your best pair? 

I love huaraches! My favorite pair would be a pair that I ID’d. They are all volt. I love bright, different shoes

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  1. Great, I really like it! Youre awesome

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