See below for some of our most frequently asked questions and answers.

If i win once, can i win again?

Yes you can win as many times as the generator chooses you. You’re entered every week no matter what for a chance to win the first and second place prizes.

What comes with being a subscriber?

Weekly giveaways, 30% discount on sneakers through select sneaker stores, membership login and discount on our Sole Shop Store.

Once I’m chosen where do I pick the shoes from?

We give you the option to choose from whatever site you love sneaker shopping on. We don’t not have shoes or an inventory of shoes.

Am I entered every week?

Yes, as long as your subscription is active you are entered every Friday, you will not have to do anything after your first initial sign up. You’ll be entered every Friday of the year.

How do you pick your winners?

We use a randomized raffle picker, where we enter all of our subscribers manually and let the generator randomly choose the winners.

Do you pick the winners Shoes for them?

Once the winners are contacted, they give us their top 3 sneakers choices. From there we choose 1 of the 3 pairs and have them sent directly to your home.


Join the sneaker loving community with ease. Leave the complexity to us. To be entered into the weekly raffles all you’ll need to do is become a subscriber with Nation of Soles. Choose your package based on your own comfort.