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Name: Paisley

City: Atlanta

Shoe size: 7

1. How long have you been collecting?
Since I was 12. At 16 I was purchasing shoes with my own money.

2. What’s your favorite pick up and why?
My ice blue 8s from 2007. It was the first women’s Jordan I ever cared for, the colorway is amazing.

3. When you think of comfort, which shoe in your collection does that?4. Who is the one person in the sneaker community that you admire and why?
I don’t have a defined answer simply because I admire everyone in the community. We take a lot of negative hits from people about our passion or hobby so I admire people who do it for the love of shoes.

5.When it comes to new releases, do you like campouts or raffles?
Most definitely raffles because the worst feeling in the world is camping out for a shoe and you don’t get, it happened to me on the Valentine 8s.

6. If you was given the opportunity to get any shoe, which would it be?
The Undefeated 4s are definitely a super dope shoe. I gotta thing for 4s and olive green is one of my favorite colors.

7. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get a pair of shoes?
Lol I flew to LA super last minute to cop a pair of Not for Resale ones where I was stuck in LA.

8. Being from Atlanta, did you feel Nike did the city justice with the Uptempo release?
Details are definitely crazy on them. The 404 and peach is a plus, but I’m definitely going for the Bo Jacksons they did that.

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