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Blogger Intro: KickItWitDD

Hello, my name is Kickitwitdd im from the Bronx, NewYork, I am 26 years old and I have been collecting sneakers since 2006. The first pair of shoes that actually fascinated me into buying shoes was the first retro Air Jordan Bred13s. The shoes released around Christmas 2004. I told my mom I wanted the shoes and she didn’t get them for me because my sister told her to not get them for me. From that day on it created a spark for me. The first pair of Jordans I was able to buy with my own money was Air Jordan 14 Linens that released in 2005. It was cool that they came in a silver box to commemorate 20 years of Jordan Brand and it was exclusive to women. I didn’t take collecting seriously until one of my friend’s father stopped me from walking home and asked me what I was wearing. I had on Cherry 12s and he said what you know about these. I didn’t know and he said in order for you to be respected you need to know what you’re wearing. From that day on I made sure every shoe that I purchased I knew the history of the shoe and the aesthetics of the shoe.  Growing up in the Bronx, I always camped out for sneakers mainly at Footlocker, Jimmy Jazz, or Jeansplus. I was always first in line. I would always lie to my parents and say I was going to the library early in the morning and in actuality, I was camping out for sneakers. Freshman year of college in 2011 I officially made the decision to choose a career which was to get a Business Degree and try to work for Nike Corporate. The first sneaker store that I worked at was at AtmosNYC in the summer of 2011. Atmos taught me so much about the sneaker culture. I didn’t even know there was a sneaker culture I thought sneakers were about collecting shoes, you wear what’s in your closet, you talked about the shoe and you battle another person whos also wearing sneakers. When I graduated college in 2014, that’s when I branched out more. I thought I was the only woman who was passionate about shoes. Theres a shit load of women who has the same passion as mine. However, I noticed that women weren’t getting enough recognition. When I saw that, I thought, yeah I need to do something. In 2016, I started the Kickitwitdd365 project. Every day of the year I displayed a different woman with her sneaker collection. Displaying different parks of life, different ways of collecting sneakers, and most of all versatility. I wanted to give these woman the recognition that they deserve not only from the audience but the brands that they wear and represent. I wanted to show everyone that there are women just like me who have the same passion as I in sneakers and also are knowledgeable about what they wear as well.  My goal is to work for a footwear brand or a sneaker blog so that I can represent people that are being judged. Most of all, women’s opinions who collect and wear sneakers are heard and never ignored. I hope being a blogger for this website will open the minds of viewers about being themselves and also learn the analytical structure about the culture, the demand and the passion about sneakers

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