Sneakerhead of the Month

September SneakerHead Of The Month

1. What’s your name, and where are you from?

Brandon Rogers, Las Vegas, Nv

2. How long have you been collecting?

I’ve been collecting since 96

3. What inspired you to start collecting?

Well being a basketball fan you just notice your sneakers it’s a way of showing your personality and I figured out that if I was able to get over being teased and what not the way I wanted to show my personality was with super cool sneakers.

4. What’s your favorite pair of sneakers that you own, and why? 

The air jordan 11,black/white/red, man being a Jordan in a bulls fan that year was just incredible and the Concord 11’s wear something special but when the Bulls got to the playoffs that year boys seeing those Playoff 11s just holy moly I never seen anything sexier in my life!! I was never able to get a pair of the ogs so when they finally got retroed in 2012 I had to have a pair and there you go.

5. What grail pair don’t you have and would love to add to your collection?

2016 black toe 1 OG, it was really the only L I took in 2016 and I just have such a hard time spending the money that they want form oh man I would love to have a pair.

6. What are your likes and/or dislikes about sneakerhead culture?

You know I hate the way the culture sometimes tears each other down if somebody’s into something that you’re not into or that is not quote-unquote hot at the moment. You know I love sneakers yes there are the ones that I will wear that I like and then there are ones that I like that I just will not wear but I just I hate the way that we find things to pull each other down then we should be about winning and all of us lifting each other up there’s plenty of room for everybody in this game let us celebrate what our passion is.

7. Is there anything you’d like to see more of in the sneakerhead community?

Oh most definitely you know I would love to see us holding each other up more supporting each other more, I feel like it’s just become a big competition and there’s just entirely too many grown men buying two and $300 shoes to impress other grown men is that mentality has to stop. It takes a lot more energy to put a nasty comment or put somebody down then it does to just go buy it or to put in a ? or a thumbs up.

8. All “kicks” aside, what are your interests/passions/hobbies outside of sneakers?

You know outside of sneakers you know I definitely like sports I’m in to podcast I’m into history ,American history ,American government, politics social issues. Being a dad is probably the most important thing in the world but it’s also one of the hardest thing. Cooking ,music ,horror movies,and just learning and living

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